Short Interview with Salvador Jouhayerk

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Salvador Jouhayerk is one of our most popular Artists. His Timeless collections are loved by everyone. 

In this interview we learned that his biggest inspiration and motivation is his family, and that he doesn't make anything that he doesn't like. 

Salvador Pictured with his Son. 


 TistiK: What’s your inspiration behind your work?

S.J: I’m inspired by my family. I want to give them all they need, and this necessity is what makes me work every day.


TistiK: How long have you been doing this?

S.J: I have been making jewelry for 40 years. In between I have studied and I have worked for the Government, but I never stopped making jewelry.


TistiK: Out of all of your designs, which one is your favorite?

S.J:  I don’t have a favorite one. I like all of them because when I don’t like something, I simply won’t make it. Every single piece I make, I like it, otherwise how can I sell something I’m not in love with?


TistiK: What is your favorite Color?

S.J: The Blue of the Sky


TistiK: How can your customers take care of their Jewelry?

S.J: They can clean them with a Clean Cotton cloth after they wear them. If they wear them constantly, they can Polish them with a Jewelry Polishing product.



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