Short Interview with Maku's creator

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Hector Carabes is the creative mind behind the fabulous hand-made fused glass Jewelry we carry at TistiK. Having studied in Barcelona, he got inspired by the Architecture there and started his own line of fused glass jewelry. 

We recently held a short interview with him to find out what inspires him and found out that his favorite piece of jewelry was made out of a "mistake"

Here it is:

TistiK: What do you use as inspiration to create your Jewelry line?

H.C.: I find inspiration in different things, but especially in the shapes created by Nature and also in Architecture. 

TistiK: What technique do you use to make your jewelry?

H.C.: We use the fused glass technique. It always has surprises because you when you work with the colored glass, it looks like one thing and when it goes into the oven, it changes, so it's exciting to see the results. Even when we work with standard models, they end up having some variation, even in the color, it's magical.

TistiK: How long have you been doing this?

H.C.: Since 2001

TistiK: Out of all the designs you've created. Which one is your favorite?

H.C.: It's a piece that came out of a "mistake" when it got burned. I observed and learned what had happened and tried to replicate the "mistake" with different colors and the results were just amazing. We used those pieces and made them into bracelets. 

Hector Carabes / Maku Fused Glass "Mistake" piece

TistiK: Which one is your favorite color?

H.C.: Lime Green

TistiK: How do you suggest that people take care of your jewelry?

H.C.: To try to avoid dropping it or falls, It is glass, and even though fused glass is very sturdy, it is glass, and it can break. To clean it, use a clean cloth. 


And here's Hector in Action!

Hector Carabes / Maku at Work

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