How to polish your Jewelry

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There is nothing shinier than a brand new piece of Silver Jewelry, but over time, especially if it's exposed to the elements, it can become dull, dirty and tarnished.

To make the Silver Jewelry Shiny again, we have used 3M's "Tarni Shield" for many, many years.

tarni shield to polish silver
This silver polish product was recently changed to this one. It seems like the formula is still the same.
New Tarni Shield Silver polish

Use a small amount of product and cover your piece entirely with it. Don't use too much, a little, really goes a long way. 

You can use gloves or, I actually find it easier to use a cotton swab. 

Do not use tarni shield on the stones (if your jewelry has stones). 

Once your product is covered with tarnish shield, use a 100% cotton cloth or a flannel cloth to wipe it off. You can use the cloth bag we send along with your jewelry to do this task.

Make sure you take all the product completely off the piece of jewelry. 

That's it! You will see the results right away: in your cloth as black dirt and in your super shiny jewelry!


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