Fish Scales Jewelry

Posted by Perla Brito on

When the Harvard Square Store was open, one of our most popular products were the Necklaces and Earrings made out of Fish Scales. 

Lety Rayas is the Artisan who made these beautiful pieces of art. She would get the discarded fish scales from the market, clean them, dry them and then Paint and Lacquer each one of them. After, she would use the scales to make Necklaces and Earrings in stunning color combinations.

In 2013, I lost all contact with her. I desperately wanted to get more of her products because our clients were asking for them, but I couldn't find Lety.

To my surprise, she called me this past January out of the blue saying she had changed her phone and had moved, and that she also had lost my phone number, but that she was going through some old stuff and found it. 

I was so happy to be in touch with her again, I immediately placed an order for her Fish Scales Jewelry, and finally, here it is. Just as beautiful as always, and like Lety says: full of Love. 

I hope you will love it as much as we do. 

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