June Birthstone - Pearl

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One of the most popular Gemstones! Pearls can be worn by everyone and everywhere, they are not just reserved for special occasions. There are different types of pearls as well as several different colors, that is why there is surely one that will compliment your skin tone.

The natural Pearls are the most beautiful, perfectly round and of course they are also extremely rare and costly. The most common Pearls nowadays are the Cultured Pearls. They are made by placing a sand grain or something similar in a mollusk shell, to irritate the Oyster or Clam which responds by secreting layers and layers of nacre around the grain, to make a Pearl. 

The Different types of Pearls that we use at TistiK are:

Freshwater Pearl Ring

Freshwater Pearls - They come mainly from Japan, and while years ago one could only get small and irregular Pearls, ever since the 90s, the quality, shape, size and colors has increased greatly, making them very desirable. 

Akoya Pearls - Also cultured in Japan, these pearls are made in the Akoya Oysters, and they yield pearls that are high in luster and shine. They are almost perfectly round and come in different shades of white, cream and pink.

South Sea Pearls - These exceptional Pearls are among the largest and most valuable. They take anywhere between 3 to 8 years to mature and their colors range from silvery white to golden light yellow. They are mostly from Australia, the Philippines and Indonesia.

Tahitian Pearls - Cultured in the Salty Waters of the French Polynesia, these beauties are not always black, they range in colors from light green, silvery gray to dark charcoal. It takes 2 to 3 years to mature.

Tahitian Pearls Triple Necklace

I personally love Pearls, not only because that's my name in Spanish, but because they are the perfect compliment to any outfit. Really. I wear a pair of pearl stud earrings along with two stretchy Pearl bracelets that are adorned with charms, every single day. They really compliment my skin tone and the earrings bring light to my face. That's why I never take them off, not even to sleep, but then again, that's me, the person who loves Jewelry the most! :)

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