On Storing and Organizing your Jewelry

Posted by Perla Brito on

Throughout the years I’ve found that one of the best ways to store your jewelry is to put it in a zip lock type bag (a plastic bag with a resalable closure). When you have all of your jewelry out on the top of your dresser or hanging on the wall, it is exposed to chemicals, dust, oxygen in the air and all other manner of stuff that will get it tarnished and dirty fast.  Not to mention “tangled” if you have your necklaces all together.

What I do is I put every piece in its own ziplock bag. A pair of earrings per bag, one necklace, ring, pendant or bracelet per bag, and for bangles, since I tend to wear multiple together, I keep them all in one bag. Then, depending on how many pieces I have, I group them together in different drawers or plastic boxes. All earrings in one box, all necklaces in another box, and so on.



What you end up is with a safe storage for you jewelry, but easy to visualize display so that you can choose that long necklace to go with your outfit faster. Try it!

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