Tamo Domino Box

  • $8400

Beautiful Wood Box decorated with Wheat Stem with a Domino set. "Tamo de Trigo" or Wheat Stem is a Colombian Technique used to decorate usually hand-made wooden pieces. The Wheat Fibers are first dried and then Naturally Dyed in different colors. The artisan then glues each fiber to the Wooden Piece in different patterns to create these Visually Stunning Pieces. 


  • One-of-a-kind Piece. Contains 28 Domino Tiles. 
  • Made with Wood and Wheat Fibers. 
  • Approximate Measurements: 5.04" (12.8 cms) X 3.03" (7.7 cms) X .98" (2.5 cms)
  • Hand-made by Artisans in San Juan de Pasto, Colombia. 

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