Recycled Candy Wrapper Clutch - White

  • $3500
  • Save $1300

Clutch made with Recycled Candy Wrappers. Features a Zipper Closure.

It is super practical, perfect for a night out. It will hold all your essentials and more. It is Waterproof and super Sturdy. Some of the bags have a cool interior design.

Made with Recycled Paper and Candy Wrappers. Approximate Measurements: 10" (25.4 cms) wide by 4 6/8" (12.06 cms) Tall, 1" (2.54 cms)Deep. 

Hand-made by the Inmates at the Taxco, Mexico Jail as part of their Re-Hab program. By doing this, they are able to earn money while they are still in Jail and Support Their Families. 

If you are interested in having a Purse made especially for you, please contact us at for more info.

Available in Gold, Blue, White, Red and Brown.

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