Picado Mini Pendant - Lime

  • $2800

Rectangular Glass Pendant with Multiple, Small Triangular Green-Colored Fused Glass Pieces. 

This Pendant is made by using colorful, triangle-like pieces of glass against a Clear Sheet of Glass. Then, they go into the oven at high temperatures so that the colorful and clear glass fuse together, achieving this look. It can be worn front or backwards. Either way, it looks beautiful. It also comes with a matching Bright Lime Silk Necklace with Magnetic Clasp and Matching Glass Ball Stud Earrings. 

Made with Fused Glass, and Silk Necklace. Magnetic Clasp is Hypoallergenic and Nickel-free. Approximate Measurements: 3/4" (1.9 cms) wide by 1.4" (3.5 cms) tall. Necklace is 17" (44 cms). Earrings are 9mm in diameter with Sterling Silver Posts. 

Designed and Hand-made by Hector Carabes in Guadalajara, Mexico. 

Also Available in Purple, Navy, Cherry, Black, Amber, Pink and Red

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