LAMA Glass Pendant - Black

  • $3500

Rectangular Glass Pendant with Colored Fused Glass Pieces Arranged in a Flower-like Pattern.

The pendant is made by using colorful pieces of glass arranged in a flower pattern against a Clear Sheet of Glass. Then it goes into the oven at high temperatures so that the colorful and clear glass fused together achieving this look. 

The pendants come with a 17" matching silk Necklace with magnetic clasp and Matching Ball Glass Stud Earrings Included in the Price. 

Made with Fused Glass, Necklace is Silk. Clasp is Magnetic and Nickel-Free. Approximate size of Pendant is 2.36" (6 cms) long by .98" (2.5 cms) Necklace is about 17" long. Matching glass ball stud earrings included in the price. 

Designed and Hand-made by Maku in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Pendant also available in Lime Green, White, Purple, Black, Red and Green.

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