Checkerboard Glass Earrings - Lime

  • $2800

Glass Earrings that feature a long, clear glass rectangle with 10 small squares in different shades of Lime Green.

So fun and colorful! These earrings are made by using colorful, small square pieces of glass against a Clear Sheet of Glass. Then, they go into the oven at high temperatures so that the colorful and clear glass fuse together, achieving this look

Made with Fused Glass. Earring hooks are Sterling Silver. Approximate measurements: Each Rectangular glass piece measures: 1 3/8" (3.5 cms) long by 1/8"(.4 cms) wide. Earrings total lenght (from top of hooks): 3" (7.5 cms).

Designed and Hand-made by Maku in Guadalajara, Mexico.  

Earrings are also available in: Amber, Cherry, Black, Orange, Purple, Red, Navy, White, Pink, Aqua, Lime Green and Green.

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