Salvador Jouhayerk

Salvador Jouhayerk & SonSalvador Jouhayerk has been making Jewelry for as long as he can remember. One of his specialties is the Knot Jewelry, which is one of our best selling collections at TistiK, but that's not all that he has. He also makes beautiful necklaces, bracelets and earrings all with very classical elements like circles, cubes, balls or hearts. What makes him stand out is his exceptional craftsmanship when creating perfect timeless pieces that everybody loves.

Salvador lives in Taxco and works out of his "Taller" with his son and wife. In the picture: Salvador Jouhayerk & his son.

Learn more about what Inspires Salvador in this Short Interview.



To take care of your Jewelry, just keep it in a cloth bag or zip-lock type bag when you are not using it. If you need to clean it, wash it with phosphate-free soap and water. Let it air-dry completely before storing it again. If you need to polish it, you can do so with a 100% cotton cloth like the bag we send your jewelry in.