Rodo Padilla

Rodo is one of Mexico's most famous artisan/sculpture of Stoneware. Originally from Tlaquepaque, it was perhaps the fact that he grew up amongst handcrafts and ceramics in his father's workshop that led him to study Chemistry at the University in Guadalajara and later took him to Tokyo and Nagoya in Japan to specialize in Materials and Ceramics Design. 

His has won several awards in Ceramics Design, and also has some of his Sculptures displayed at different Public spaces around Guadalajara. 

His Technique consists of using only the purest clay and water. After combining it and using it to create a shape, he lets it air dry. Then, the piece goes into a special ceramics oven at 1000 degrees Celsius. The Coloring is done with glazes made of clays, soils and oxides, hand painted with a brush. Then, the pieces go back in the oven at a temperature of 1,200 degrees Celsius to achieve that final, perfect Result.


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