El Abuelo

El abuelo“Abuelo” means grandfather in Spanish, and although Aurelio Gama does not have any grandkids, Everybody knows him as “the Grandfather.” This is because when his two kids were younger, they couldn’t say his name: “Aurelio”, but they could call him “abuelo,” and so, that’s where his nickname comes from.

He is very well known among Taxco’s artisan’s community because he specialized himself in making all types of jewelry with cubic zirconium. Whereas the majority of the designers experiment with different styles for a long time until they find their niche, El Abuelo fell in love with this particular stone: “It is full of life, it sparkles so much and you can never grow tired of admiring its many facets.” He says that his jewelry is beautiful because he works with a beautiful stone; he only makes the right settings for it.