Small Corn Husk Balloon

  • $2800

Decorative, Colorful Balloons made with Corn Husks! Each one is a unique piece and there are no two that are the same. Because of this, we will send you a picture of all of the available balloons at the time of your purchase. The ones pictured here are some that we have had in the past and that are very similar to the ones we have available today. We will not charge you until you select a balloon you like out of what we have available today. 

The small balloons feature one person in the basket, and strings attaching it to the main part of the balloon. All the balloons are made entirely with naturally color dyed corn husks. They are beautiful and original pieces that will make a fabulous gift and will look great hanging in any room.

Made with corn husks and cotton strings. Approximate measurements: 11" long by 5" wide. Each balloon comes with its own spring and screws necessary to hang it from the ceiling.

Hand-crafted by Zinte Artesanias in Oaxaca, Mexico.

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