Red & White Square Mirror

  • $11200

Square mirror with a thick black iron frame and red and white mosaic recycled stained glass pieces.

This beautiful piece is made with recycled Stained Glass Pieces and made by people with disabilities or women who are running away from domestic violence at the VidriArte Workshop.

Made with Stained Glass, it looks best close to a window where light can shine through it and reveal its true beauty. Approximate measurements: 16 1/4" (41.2 cms) wide by 16 1/4" (41.2 cms) wide, total. Black iron frame: 1 1/2" (3.8 cms) thick  Glass frame: 1 5/8"  (4.2 cms) thick. Mirror: 10X10" (25 cms)

Hand-crafted by the Artisans from Vidri Arte in Torreon, Mexico. Each piece is Unique, and there are no two exactly the same.  


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