Nopal Ring

Nopal Ring

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  • $12300

Sterling silver dome style ring in a "chaotic" (textured) finish. Part of the "Identidad" collection. 

This is a Sleek, Modern Stunner that is Easy to Wearl! 

Made with Sterling Silver, it measures approximately 3/8" 

Designed by Oscar Figueroa and Hand-crafted in Taxco, Mexico 

Oscar Figueroa's Award-Winning "Identidad" Collection is inspired by the "Nopal" or Cactus plant. 

"The Nopal in Mexico is part of our identity, it is a key feature in our landscape, our food and even our beliefs. It is harvested, it is used and it is admired. It is a symbol and it has even been considered a deity. It is an every day thing, but it is also part of the culture of this country. From its leaves, its fruits, even its worms, it has a significance in our culture. It has literally given color and has nourished it, and has even made it dream. It is present in rites, in myths, in paintings and in handcrafts, in literature and in science, and now in my jewelry collection. It is part of the founding legend of Mexico and it is part of the table at every meal. Tunas and Nopales run in the blood of every Mexican: from their appetite, to their imagination." 

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